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Avoidance, Denial, or Making Boeuf en Croute instead of Wrapping Presents December 23, 2010

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I made Boeuf en Croute.Why I felt the need to do this 3 days before Christmas, I don’t know. I think it might be called…denial.

Fortunately, it was excellent. Almost everyone loved it.  In defense of my culinary prowess, the no-vote thinks Velveeta Mac and Cheese from the box rather than the blue box with powder is the height of sophistication.

But back to the real food. Obviously, it wasn’t as good as the old Velvet Turtle’s Beef Wellington. For one thing, no pate de foie gras. And for another thing, no pate de foie gras. Also, no Duchesse potatoes piped around the edge of the plate and then baked. Nonetheless, it was delicious, if I do say so myself. And I do.

I used Laura Calder’s recipe from the show French Food at Home on the Cooking Channel. I do find her a little off putting — she’s rather nervous so she clenches her teeth when she talks, but she seems nice enough and the recipe worked. I can forgive a little lockjaw for a good recipe.


Diet Sodas I Have Known. December 11, 2010

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I love vanilla. But Vanilla Coke Zero tastes like soap. It’s so bad I cannot understand why it made it to the shelves. Seriously, Coke. What were you guys thinking?


Cherry Zero, on the other hand, is excellent.


Diet Dr. Pepper (DDP) and Diet Mountain Dew Code Red are also excellent. Diet Mountain Dew Original Flavor is vile.

Diet Coke with Lime bad. Diet Coke with lime juice out of a bottle? Good. Very good.


And last but not least, Diet Cherry 7Up tastes like a diet Shirley Temple. WINNER.


Boat and Totage November 14, 2010

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So L.L. Cool Bean is offering free shipping until December 20th. They don’t do free shipping very often, so jump on it if you’ve been eyeing something. Or if you have a Tall Husband who complains that the Sleeves on Everything are Too Short.

Boat and Totes make an awesome gift.

Two years ago the madras B&T’s sold out. So as soon as they came in last year, I bought the medium and large.

I love them, but I’m bummed because this year the madras B&T’s have leather handles, and they mock me.

My friend carries the small madras as her handbag (it has a zip-top), and she literally cannot walk a block without someone asking her where she got it. It is preptastic.

Boat and Tote Buying Tips


What I Have Learned about Buying Boat and Totes, Since I Have Six of Them And That is Really Way More Than Any One Woman Needs but I Love Them and Actually Use them All, Honest

  1. If it’s your first B&T, get a Medium.
  2. If you want to sling your new Medium over your shoulder, get the long handles.
  3. If you will be carrying super-seekrit papers in your new Medium, get a zipper.
  4. Don’t get long handles on a large – they’re too long. And if you are a shorty, you will be whacking yourself in the knees.
  5. The XL makes a good gift for a new baby. You can fit all your baby paraphernalia in it, including a Boppy. And if you put the baby’s name on it, they can use it when they’re older.
  6. Monograms are Cute.



Free Shipping for X-mas

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From now until December 20th, both Walmart and L.L. Bean are offering free shipping, no minimum purchase. The Wall might be limiting it to 60,000 holiday-related items, including toys.

These are just straight up links – no secret referral fees.



Here we go.

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Here we go – my first foray into blogging. There are only, what? A few million blogs out there. Why not start another?

Topics I intend to blog about:

  1. Things I’ve bought that I love (obviously a rip offinspired by Mindy Ephron’s now defuct, but awesome blog – Things I’ve Bought That I Love)
  2. Things I’ve bought that I hate
  3. Really, really easy recipes
  4. ????
  5. Profit!
  6. Bad grammar. I’m not one to name names, but if you think voilà is spelled wah-lah, I am judging you.